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High-Performance CPR

CPR guidelines define the most effective way to perform CPR. Yet there is a gap in quality between recommended guidelines and actual performance by most providers. High-Performance CPR is a simple concept: Improve the performance of CPR through high-quality skills, along with a practiced team approach, and the chance for survival improves.

This program is available for delivery in the classroom and or with blended online learning options. It also emphasises the need for an ongoing effort to improve and maintain skills, with suggestions and tools for ongoing skill development.

Minimum prerequisite: Current certification in adult CPR & AED. 

Perfect For

Industrial emergency response teams, steam_cpr_first-aid-training-picture-id840542870.jpgtaff at long-term care facilities, surf lifeguards, pool life guards, law enforcement and correctional officers, as well as crowd management personnel at large gatherings.

Course duration 2 hours.

Certification 2 years.

Cost - Priced on enquiry. E-Mail training@medicfirstaid.co.nz for further information.