Good Samaritan Stories

March 2014 - This story is from our Paeroa facilitator about her own experience.

"My husband Bill saved my life after performing CPR after I collapsed for over 5 minutes."  "It turns out I had a sever epileptic episode and had to have my medication changed."

"I would like to comend him for his heroism in first aid."



21 August 2012 - This story is from our Christchurch based facilitator Bruce.

“My student from Friday's first aid course had a guy collapse in the Supermarket on Sunday and had to provide First Aid and CPR, Rescue breathing and Defib for him. The man survived!” 

“My student (Fraser) said he could not believe it was happening two days after his course and that how lucky it was that he had done it. The man stopped normal breathing and Fraser started CPR on him despite the fact the manager of the supermarket was saying that he was breathing (he wasn't). 

Well Done Fraser on stepping up when it mattered the most. There is a Good Samaritan Award coming your way to recognise your good work.