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Online / Blended First Aid Course

This is a blended training course made up of both on-line and in the class sessions.  The duration of the online component is self-directed but expected to take approximately 2 hours for the lay person to complete.
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Basic Plus (Workplace)

This is our most popular industry / community based first aid program covering Basic Life Support and First Aid practices. Course content and delivery follows the Worksafe NZ good practice guide for first aid in the workplace.


Workplace first aid (Level1)

This course is ideal for low risk workplaces and covers the same content as our Basic Plus course but includes being assessed for unit standards 6402 & 6401 for workplaces who may require this.

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Comprehensive first aid (level 2)

The Comprehensive First Aid course covers everything that the Workplace & Pediatric course covers and more.  Great for those with high risk workplaces that require a more practically scenario based first aid course.
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Refresher First Aid Course

This course refreshes your first aid skills and updates you with any changes in first aid that have occured since your original training.
If you require revalidation of your Workplace first aid certificate then this is the course for you.

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Early Child Care First Aid

Extremely well received programme designed for those with infant and child responsibilities as their main focus.  This unit standard is for people who have responsibility for young children, including those who provide home-based education and care services for young children.
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Pediatric  Pre-Hospital Emergency Care  Emergency Oxygen




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Our clients:-

    Proud Suppliers of first aid to the following organisations:
  • NZ Dive Industry
  • New Zealand Steel
  • Cook Brothers Construction
  • Fletcher Construction
  • Emergency Management Systems (Kinleith Pulp & Paper)
  • Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society Inc
  • Cantabria Home & Hospital
  • Ministry for Vulnerable Children - ORANGA TAMARIKI
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Community Leisure Management Aquatics Centres
  • Tennis Central NZ

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Academy of Diving Trust is registered as a Private Training Establishment by NZQA and has approval to sub-contract to Medic First Aid.

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What our clients say about us:-

"Great Instructor - presented well and in a relaxed manner.  Best 1st Aid course ever..."

Upper Hutt Cossie Club

"Staff wish to report back to you that they thoroughly enjoyed their day and that it was very beneficial..."

Redwood Club, Wellington



What's Happening

This month we want to focus on using an AED. Each year thousands of New Zealanders experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, whether it be at home, at the shopping centre, or out in public, which means that you may be the determining factor in saving someone’s life. Fortunately, in this day and age we have the use of AED’s which are available in a lot of public places. All you need to do is find the location of an AED, turn it on and follow the instructions when prompted. Find your closest available AED’s by clicking here .
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There are many New Zealanders living with underlying heart conditions and living with permanent disability because of the lack of awareness of heart attack warning signs and not knowing when to seek medical attention. If you, or even someone you know has experienced a heart attack, this doesn’t mean they are safe from having another one, and symptoms may not be the same as the last. Remember Minutes Matter, so it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with signs and symptoms and knowing when to seek urgent medical attention. We at Medic First Aid we want to teach you how to recognise and attend to someone who may be experiencing a heart attack right in front of you. We want you to be confident enough to be able to help that person and to perform CPR if needed.
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Workplace & Pediatric First Aid Courses - Assessed to unit standards 6401 and 6402 Refres.....

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