January 13, 2018 at 9:50 AM


New Zealand has one of the highest drowning rates per capita in the developed world. Statistically drowning annually is our third highest cause of unintentional death.

Each year we unfortunately see many tragedies in our waterways with some of the victims being the would be rescuers. In many of these cases the original victim survived.

Drowning Prevention Auckland are currently promoting the 4R's approach to help prevent would be resucers from drowning. 

Is someone in trouble in the water? Do the 4Rs.


  •  Notice someone in trouble.
  •  Check for danger.
  •  Act quickly.


  •  Provide flotation.
  •  Send for help (Call 111 – Police)
  •  Reassess safety of people and scene.


  •  Think safe.
  •  Rescue from land or craft is safest.
  •  Rescue in water – non-contact is safest.
  •  Take flotation if entering the water.


  •  Provide care.
  •  If person is not breathing normally, start CPR.
  •  If breathing, put in recovery position.
  •  Stay with the person until help arrives.

Help spread the word today by telling your family and friends about the 4R's.



Drowning Prevention Auckland


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